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I once again met with a local for a bike ride the other day. We went out to a lake in the Köpenick area to the east of town, so that she could show me one of the local lakes. We went down some bike paths in the extensive forest area around there, and emerged next to a lake called “Müggelsee”, which I couldn’t help but associate with Harry Potter. In fact, no wizards were seen all day at Müggelsee.

It’s quite a decent sized lake (although not huge), and has plenty of boats on it, both sail and power. There’s also a sailboat rental place on the Rahnsdorf side of the lake, so I might try that out in October if it’s still moderately warm out. On the opposite side is Friedrichshagen, which has lots of nice cafes and a relaxed atmosphere. The rest of the shoreline is forest with intermittent beaches and a bike path most of the way around.

We went through a tunnel to get under the Spree river, which connects from Müggelsee back towards downtown Berlin. Once across, we went down a nice cycle path until we got around to the beach at Rahmsdorf. It’s quite a nice big beach with soft white sand. There’s a big clothing-optional section too, which was handy for us since we didn’t bring any swimming gear.

The lake is quite shallow along the shore, so we had to walk out a bit before we could swim, but this made the water wonderfully warm. All bike rides should end with a swim, it’s the best :). Days like this make me wish I could stay here in Berlin all summer, but of course there’ll be equally fun things to do in Sweden.