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In Copenhagen

Currently I’m sitting in the lobby of a hostel in Copenhagen. I flew here from Berlin the other day, and I’ve just wandered around the town a tiny bit. My first impression is that it feels different from all the German cities I’ve been in, although it could be just the current area of town that I’m in. Almost every building is a 4-story apartment building with some commercial stuff at street level. Also, the dominant feature of the city landscape is the bike racks.

Bikes are everywhere. There are a couple major roads nearby that are rather car-focused, but other than that everyone seems to be walking and riding bikes. Some roads have no cars, while the others that have cars will always have a divided bike lane. Not divided with big barriers or something, but just slightly raised from the road level, sort of like a second sidewalk. I realized that I’ve come to think of bike infrastructure as just like pedestrian infrastructure. Who could be opposed to sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians? They seem obvious. The same should be true of bike infrastructure everywhere.

In other news, I’ve decided to head back to Germany. It seems like too much of a hastle to find an apartment in Sweden, since all evidence seems to point to it being rather difficult to find apartments in Malmö, especially on short notice. Instead, I’d rather head back to Berlin and find an apartment there with the help of my German friends, and then I can get back to having a life and doing some serious studying, which I’d much prefer rather than doing more short-term traveling.

My priority right now is language study, especially increasing my German skills. German is a priority, whereas Swedish is more of a hobby. Plus there are so many fun things to do in Berlin, and great people. I’m going to enjoy spending the summer there.