back in berlin

Home, sweet home. I’m back in Berlin now, staying with my friends again. I’m relaxing for a couple days, and then apartment-hunting starts on Monday. Today we went for cheap Vietnamese food for lunch, which was fantastic, and now it’s study/work time for a while.

Tomorrow we’re heading out to some club in the evening that has a floor consisting of beach sand, which should be interesting. We did some bookstore browsing today, which I suspect will happen more again soon. We also made a house rule amongst ourselves that we’ll be speaking only German here for the duration of my stay, until I find my own apartment. The three of us all speak English, German, and Esperanto, so we sometimes don’t know what to default to. Sticking to German is giving me a good push to get better at my spoken skills.

On the list soon is to play the entire “Beatles Rock Band” game in a day, and then go to a German board game shop where we can play board games all day for €3 each while drinking beers. Interspersed amongst all that will be lots of language study, and plenty of corrections of my German mistakes 😉

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