flight to copenhagen booked

I’m currently still in Berlin, hanging out with friends. I just booked a flight for monday to head to Copenhagen, where I’ll be staying in a hostel in the middle of town. Berlin will be tough to leave though, since I’m enjoying it so much. Tonight we’re planning to play some Go and probably Rockband, and then on Sunday I’m going to an Esperanto picnic. I leave on monday afternoon to go to the airport.

Yesterday I was given a taste of why some people call Berlin the “art capitol of the world”. Someone took me on a tour down a nearby street that really was filled with art galleries….as in every single building along the street was an art gallery, except for the occasional cafe in which to sit while discussing art, I suppose. There was this one gallery called “ME”, which was some funny acronym that I’ve forgotten, but also reflected the fact that it was the private collection of some rich dude. I didn’t pay to go in, but one of the things I could see from the lobby was this really cool painting of Michael Jackson riding a horse, in the style of those old grand portraits of kings (of the non-pop variety).

Apparently there are other such streets that are filled with art galleries, in various parts of town, but this one in “Mitte” (the middle area of the city) was supposedly the original.

I also made another trip to the big bookstore downtown, and bought the German translation of the latest Robert Jordan book (actually, the second half of it, because the books are so big that they split them in half as paperbacks here in Germany). I also ordered a German-language book about learning Punjabi, which should be entertaining. I’d like to learn how to work on more than one project at a time without going over the deep end and getting obsessed with only one of them.

Unrelatedly, we’re currently ordering pizza, and I’m learning various German terms for things. Apparently “Peperoni” here means long thin hot peppers, what we might call “chillies” in English. “Paprika” means bell peppers. I’m nervous ordering a pizza with “peperoni” on it, but I trust the Germans here who are insisting that it’ll be ok.

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